High standard Lighters and Gadgets

Leonflame introduces to the Greek market lighters and gadgets from companies such as PROFCHAMP, SILVER MATCH, LEON.

We specialize in smoking items

In Leonflame you will find a huge variety of: hookahs - humidifiers – cigar boxes - cigar cutters – cigarette cases. leather tobacco pouches – suede tobacco pouches– fabric tobacco pouches, all made in Greece. LPG – products in blisters – candle lighters and multi purpose lighters in different shapes and sizes.

Value for money for our customers

Our goal is to satisfy customers and create healthy partnerships. We want our products to offer you what they promise and manage to exceed your expectations.

Exclusive distribution of RAW rolling paper

RAW rolling papers are produced in the most environmentally friendly way and they are products of premium quality made of the purest natural fibers. 


17 Zinodorou Str., 10442,
Athens - Greece
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F: +30 210 5757752
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